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ICON College of Technology and Management was established to meet the demand for quality education at an affordable price and to make world-class UK university degrees more accessible to UK and international students. To satisfy this demand, the College seeks to prepare students for effective and profitable roles in their choice of careers and to offer a cultural experience which will aid them in taking their place as productive members of society at minimum cost with no compromise of quality. Indeed, we pride ourselves on providing maximum support to ensure that students reach their full potential.

The curriculum of our programmes is designed to prepare students to cope with changing business conditions and to present both theoretical and practical approaches to the diverse needs of the ever changing global economy. In support of this goal, the College is supported by faculty staff selected from wide ranging appropriate academic disciplines and from the professional community, on the basis of their knowledge, teaching skills and practical experience.

While academic learning contributes to one's knowledge of specific subject matter, managerial success depends as well on an individual's ability to analyse, to plan and to venture. The College mixes the analytical approach with independent assignments, case studies and practical training. Lectures are combined with discussion, oral presentations, creative projects and teamwork.

The aim of the College is not just to equip graduates with knowledge and skills to deal with the exacting standards of the twenty-first century and the pursuit of excellence, we go far further than that: we develop the skills and attitudes to ensure that individuals have enjoyable and fulfilling careers and therefore a happy life in the service of society and isn't that what education is about?

The College is committed to expanding access to higher education to those sections of the community historically (and currently) underrepresented in the sector. This commitment to widening participation is reflected in the demography of our student body: the College is proud that the vast majority of or students are mature, many of whom having been out of education for a considerable period of time, are from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities, and come from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

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