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Student Support Services

The College has Student Support Services which are located in different areas of the College and offers students a range of services and also provide information such as career guidance and other supports as follows:

Extracurricular Activities

A Personal Tutor will be allocated to each student for the duration of their Course.

The aim of the Personal Tutoring System is:

  • To ensure a student has someone who provides general advice and can point him/her in the direction of other resources in place to support the student
  • To ensure a student has someone who will support the student academic progression and identify any problems
  • To ensure that a student has a named person they can go to for support.

The Role of a Personal Tutor incorporates academic, professional and pastoral elements. The role of the Personal Tutor is to:

  • act as a first port of call for pastoral, professional or academic concerns or advice and then direct students to other forms of support offered by the College
  • to help the induction of students into the academic community and their academic studies, helping them to develop an understanding of learning in the College environment.
  • to act as a responsible person that students can confide in
  • to provide support and encouragement
  • to be aware of the various needs of their students
  • to recognise the signs of potential problems
  • to understand the responsibilities of students and communicate them effectively
  • to help students find the right way to resolve problems
  • to know when it is appropriate to seek specialist help or advice
  • be available to meet with student through individual tutorials
  • ask student to contact appropriate person within the College and explain any attendance issues, particularly those where there is a attendance requirement such as SLC funded students.
  • partake in tutors' forum on ICON VLE.

Extracurricular Activities

The College arranges activities that is overseen by the Student Affairs Committee. The Student Affairs Committee organises a number of activities throughout the year and notifies students of the activities on the extracurricular notice board.


Students are required to register their finger print in order to use the biometric fingerprinting device in the classrooms to take their daily attendance. The Helpdesk staff will assist students when facing problems such as log on the College network, printing and ICON VLE.

The Helpdesk can also assist disabled students with getting from the ground floor by using the lift and directing to the relevant classroom.


ICON Cafe is located in the ground floor of the College building. It is open Monday - Thursday 8:30- 8:00pm and on Friday from 8:30 - 6:00pm, however during summer vacation 10:00 am - 5:00 pm. The Cafe is fully equipped with microwaves to warm your food. It also offers a range of hot and cold food. Hot and cold drinks and other light snacks are also normally available in the cafe.


A dedicated photocopier is available for the students in the College library. Students are allowed to photocopy their course/study materials and material from library books (within lawfully permitted limits) at a subsidised rate of 0.3p per A4 page. Students are required to open an account with the Librarian Mr. M A Chowdhury. A £5 voucher will permit 167 copy pages.

Request for References

If a student requires a personal reference he/she must apply by filling out the orange form available in Reception and it will be dealt with accordingly. Students must obtain a tutor's permission before using the name of the tutor as a referee Please note that references will not be handed to the students, but will be sent directly to whom the reference is addressed.

A student may contact the relevant Head of Department if they have any problem or queries regarding this.

Multi Faith Prayer Room

Students may use the designated multi faith prayer room located on the fourth floor Room 405 to perform their prayers. They must comply with the terms and conditions of the Prevent Duty Policy. Counselling Service

Service Overview

  • Face to face counselling at the college and our clinics
  • Skype/FaceTime/Phone Counselling available.

What we offer

  • Research proven approaches
  • Help with a wide of of psychological issues such as depre anxiety, self-esteem,
  • Relationship difficulties, addictions and much more.
  • 6 session therapy courses with highly rated practitioners.
  • Same day and next day appointments available.
  • Daytime, evening and weekend appointments available.


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