Value for Money (VFM)

Student value for money statement 2019/20


ICON College is committed to providing its students with full value for money in return for the fees paid. This statement, which is to be updated annually, explains how student fees are used and how the College demonstrates the value to students.

Student fees

Student fees are currently capped at £6,165 a year, and students can take out a loan to cover the cost. Fee loans are only repaid when a graduate is earning above a certain amount, currently £25,725. The actual amount a student will pay for their course will therefore depend on how much they earn after graduating. After allowing for retained earnings and provision for future investment, all of the College’s income in the year was applied for educational purposes, directly or indirectly.

Student value

The real test of value for money is whether students derive direct benefit from their time at the College. Our data tells us that:

• The quality of tuition is high. In 2019 the College was awarded Silver in the Teaching Excellence Framework. This means that we deliver high-quality teaching, learning and outcomes for our students, and consistently exceed "rigorous national quality requirements" for higher education in the UK.

• In 2018, the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education reviewed provision at the College and concluded that the quality of student learning opportunities meets UK expectations.

• The 2019 National Student Survey shows that 90% of students expressed overall satisfaction with the College compared to the national average of 84%.

• In the last year for which we have complete data, 73% of students that we enrolled passed their assessments and achieved their qualification.

• To date no students have complained to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education about their experience at ICON College.

• Each student has Personal tutor for the duration of the study.

• Students are offered Counselling Service through Private Therapy Clinic which is private company for the duration of six sessions free of charge.


Students at ICON College will find their fees employed effectively to provide a worthwhile student experience and there is data to support this conclusion.