Important Information on the Student Protection Plan and Student Rights


The College as a higher education provider is obliged to comply with the guidelines related to the provision of higher education issued by the Competition and Market Authority (CMA). Our commitment to treat our students as consumers and to uphold their rights in accordance with the CMA guidelines have been clearly emphasised in our Student Protection Plan (SPP) which you find on the College website. Please make time to read it along with the CMA guideline and know your rights as a student at ICON College of Technology and Management.

We have also informed you about the Student Protection Plan and your rights as consumers in several occasions such as during the admission interviews and induction classes or enrolment times. It is our obligation to create awareness about your rights and you are encouraged to ask us if you have any doubts. We will also inform you in writing if it seems necessary.


We are also pleased to inform you about the creation of the College Consumer Affairs Group (CCAG, previously know as the In-College Consumer Law Group or ICCLG) which is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the SPP and assessing student rights related matters. The CCAG membership includes Student Representatives you have elected and an external expert on consumer law. The Group meets at least twice a year and reports to the Board of Governance (BoG). If you have any rights related matters, you can also raise your voice through your Student Representatives who are members of the CCAG.


At ICON, your education is our number one priority and we are committed to deliver not only quality learning experience but also continuity until you complete your course. We have taken necessary measures to ensure the continuity of the College as a business entity and continuity of your education without interruption even if any unforeseen events were to occur (please read the SSP of the College).


We are also aware of your concerns about any changes to your courses in terms of teaching methods such as online delivery, assessment methods (which always remained online), location of classes, duration and extension etc. We are committed to duly inform you if any changes were to take place during or before the semester started. We will inform you of such changes by text messages, email, via website as well as during interviews and induction time for prospective students. We have done this during the June and September 2020 semesters when we changed our teaching to online delivery from face-to-face classes. With your consent we continued to deliver your courses online using the virtual classroom platform called Kaltura. As the spread of the COVID19 pandemic remains unabated, we will continue to deliver your courses online according to the Government guidelines. Please be aware that there will be no changes whatsoever to the current assessment methods or duration of courses and you will be notified by text messages and email if any changes are to take place before or during the semester.


In accordance with the College SPP and in compliance with the CMA guidelines as well as Office for Students guidelines on students’ rights during the COVID19 pandemic, you have the right to accept or reject any changes that we make in the delivery and assessment (which always remained online) of courses and you will be entitled to choose one of the following options as long as your request is reasonable:


1. Defer your course to retake another semester.
2. Change the College and transfer to another institution.
3. Claim refund for the semester.
4. Cancel within 14 days from the enrolment date, if you are a prospective student.


Please note that you have the right to make a complaint regarding any matters related to your rights using the complaint form on the College website. If your complaints are not handled and resolved to your satisfaction, you have the right to complain to the awarding body (Pearson/Falmouth University) first and then to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) if you could not resolve satisfactorily. You can find the OIA contact details in the Student Handbook.