ICON College looks forward to welcoming the existing and new student intake at the start of the September/October 2020 semester. The College management team has been working hard to ensure that students, staff and visitors can be safe and secure in the next academic year. In this regard, the College Management Board agreed to appoint a third-party advisor for a risk assessment of the College campus as a result of the Covid pandemic.

The College has been continuously following the Government COVID-19 alerts and guidance to take appropriate actions to ensure Health & Safety for all. Based on the 1-5 different levels of Government alerts, the College will adopt appropriate measures on teaching and for its all various student services and provisions. In the highest alert level of 5, in complete lockdown, no social contacts will be allowed, all teaching will be via online, and all services will be via online, email and telephone. As the alert goes lower and with relaxation of lockdown, limited services will be provided on campus, face to face, as appropriate, maintaining social distances and following all Health & Safety rules.


For the September 2020 semester ICON is planning to teach primarily online delivery via the Kaltura teaching online (virtual classroom) platform integrated with the existing ICON VLE (Moodle). This means that lectures, seminars and tutorials will be delivered via Kaltura and ICON VLE platform. Where possible and the current Government rules permit, the College also intends to deliver some seminars and tutorials on campus to make it as a blended delivery mode. The mixed mode of delivery will depend upon Government rules in place at the time.

The College will provide COVID-secure access, as far as reasonably practicable, to the College campus facilities including the library and other resources depending on an individual unit, so students can benefit from them as part of their course. We will also aim for the students to have limited access to some key campus facilities.

The College is committed to providing a high standard of teaching and learning experience to all students within the scope of the COVID-19 restrictions following the Health & Safety Rules for students and staff.


All submissions, feedback, marking and publishing results are online using ICON VLE.

Induction and CPD

Both Continuous Professional Development (CPD) workshop for the Tutors and the induction for new students will be also online using Kaltura.


College Admin and Admissions Office is open for potential candidates to attend English Language Tests on campus as well as via online platform. The interviews are done by Admission Tutors via online using MS Team.

Social Distancing

The College is operating following the Government rules and restrictions on social distancing on campus with all the Health & Safety measures in place.

College services

As per the Government website link, there are five levels of COVID Alert:


Considering the above table, we will be in Alert level 4 for the September 2020 semester and adopt the following options accordingly to deal with the rules. The College will adjust these options as the Alert level changes to higher or lower levels. The new options will be notified to the students accordingly by text, emails, ICON VLE and will be published on the College website:

  • Students can access online resources via ICON VLE
  • Library, Café, Computer Lab, Printing facilities will remain closed.
  • Students Support Online: email, via telephone
  • Academic advice and Counselling online: Video call (MS Team), telephone and email
  • Students welfare services Online: Video call (MS Team), telephone and email.
  • The Administrative Office will remain open for limited access for various support services following social distances and Health & Safety Rules

The College staff and student wellbeing and safety are our high priority.  We have taken measures for the campus that include:

  • To maintain a 2m social distancing
  • All students and staff will be required to wear face coverings in classrooms, corridors, toilets, etc.
  • Regular cleaning classrooms, corridors, toilets and office areas using sanitisers
  • Enough stock of hand sanitisers at different entry points, and toilets when physical classes are held
  • Posters and leaflets displaying COVID-19 Health & Safety information
  • Signages are in place to follow social distancing
  • The College will use a distance temperature test machine for incoming students and staff at on the campus where possible and appropriate
  • Adequate stock of face masks and hand gloves in place for use
  • Maintain separate entrance and exit for all students, staff and visitors using one-way system.  


Local coronavirus outbreak control plan

Tower Hamlets publishes local coronavirus outbreak control plan: