COVID-19 Student Hardship Fund Eligibility Criteria

The College has developed a time limited hardship fund to support students facing hardship arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly where it is needed to support the continuation of study and successful outcomes.

What does ICON College mean by hardship?

It is where a student has made adequate financial provision to support their study and living costs. However, unexpected effects or costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lead them to seek financial assistance.

Financial support may be available for students requiring help with:

  • Housing costs - for example, mortgage payments, rent arrears or overdue utility bills.
  • Specialist equipment to study- for example, laptops where they cannot access computers on campus.

Who can apply?

You can apply for hardship support if you are fully registered on a full-time undergraduate course of study at ICON College. This applies to all ICON College current active registered students.

Priority for hardship funding will be given to students who:

  • Are estranged students and care leavers.
  • Entered higher education from supported housing or are homeless.
  • Live in private rented accommodation.
  • Are clinically vulnerable and shielding and are unable to access teaching and related services remotely.
  • Have disabilities and are unable to access teaching and related services remotely.
  • Are student parents.

Apply and complete the Application Form

The College offers an Application Form for eligible students to complete. You must apply and complete the form in Microsoft Word or as a “Word’ document. You must provide the last three months of bank statements. NB: In the section offering ‘such other evidence as you consider appropriateyou are strongly advised to provide reasons for why you are applying.  

There are things you need to consider when completing your application, which you may wish to include in your personal statement.

  • Why you are experiencing financial difficulties?
  • What you have done to address your financial difficulties yourself.
  • If your living costs are affected by a disability or health condition, you should include that information about these costs in your personal statement on the application form or
  • How you were affected as a result of COVID-19

There are several requirements you must usually have to meet before ICON College is able to consider your application. These includes making all possible arrangements to secure available/statutory funding prior to making a hardship application to the College Hardship Panel. Please be aware that the hardship fund cannot be accessed to support the payment of tuition fees.

Please note that once the College Hardship Panel has received your application (closing date 10th March 2021), a decision to award you funding, or not, will be made and communicated to you by Monday 22nd March 2021. If successful you will receive payment on or before 31st March 2021. Possible funding will range between £300- and £1000-pounds sterling.

There is no absolute guarantee that you will qualify for hardship funds, as resources are limited.

Please note that you will be required to supply supporting documents to supplement your application. You are required to include such documents as copies of bank statements, rent and/or mortgage payments and/or utility bills, where appropriate. It is essential that you provide bank details including, the name of your bank, sort code and account number. This must be completed on the application form. It is your responsibility to supply relevant evidence supporting your case of the hardship circumstances you are facing.

Once a decision about your application has been considered by the College, no correspondence will be entered into and no appeals will be accepted.  The decision of the College will be final.

Download Form in MS Word

Download Hardship Fund Application Form