COVID-19 Student Hardship Fund Eligibility Criteria

The Hardship Fund received from OfS can provide support to students who find themselves in unexpected financial difficulties. It is where a student has made adequate financial provision to support their study and living costs. Financial support may be available for students requiring help with:

• Housing costs - for example, mortgage payments, rent arrears or overdue utility bills.

• Specialist equipment to study- for example, laptops where they cannot access computers on campus.

The fund is open to all ICON College of Technology’s students (UK and EU) who normally study in the UK. The fund can offer a non-repayable grant to provide some support through this unprecedented time when many students’ incomes may have been affected. Please read the information below carefully, as it gives you important information and guidance about this new fund. The fund exists to help any eligible student who has a particular financial need.

• Awards from this fund do not need to be repaid.

Applications are processed in date order and once funds are exhausted, no further awards are made. We cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient funds to meet every application we receive, or all the costs you might apply for.

Am I eligible to apply?

You can apply for hardship support if you are fully registered on a full-time undergraduate course of study at ICON College. This applies to all current active registered ICON College students except Year 1, first semester students who have just started a course. The fund encompasses:

• UK and EU students

• The hardship fund is for students from low-income backgrounds (household income below £34,000), studying on full time accredited FE or HE courses

• The student must be enrolled on a full-time (HND/ BA Top-up) course

• The student must be a UK resident

• The student must have been with the College at least for a full semester and paid the first instalment of their Student Finance before applying to the Hardship Fund

• The student must be eligible for funding as a Home student.

• The student has disabilities and is unable to access teaching and related services remotely

• The student must be estranged and a care leaver.

• The student must have entered higher education from supported housing or is homeless

• The student has children, especially a single parent


How do I apply?

• Students are required to submit an application form along with a copy of your letter from the Student Finance England showing how much student finance you will get and documents about your finances, e.g., bank statements and rent details and the following evidence:


Evidence required: (When providing documents to the College by email, the most secure way is to collate all of your documents into either a PDF document or a Word document)

Please submit the following documents along with your Application form

1. Completed Application form. 

2. Provide your last three (3) months latest bank statements for all accounts, where appropriate.

3. Provide a tenancy agreement/mortgage statement, where applicable.

4. Provide your SLC (Student loan company) letter with payment date

5. Provide your last 3 months payslips or Accountant letter with your annual tax calculation (if you are self-employed)

6. If you receive benefits from the DWP, HMRC or local council, you should include your entitlement letter, or annotate the payments on your bank statements

7. If you have childcare responsibilities/costs, provide a current bill or receipt.

All applications will be considered. However, applications without supporting documents for your Hardship fund will be declined.

Terms and Conditions:

1. You must be an active registered current student except, Year 1 first semester studying at ICON College of Technology and Management.

2. The Hardship Fund is for students from low-income backgrounds (household income below £34,000), studying on full time accredited FE or HE courses

3. You are expected to have maintained an appropriate standard of behaviour and attendance (including online teaching provision) throughout your course of study. If you are currently facing disciplinary action, you may not be eligible for this support.

4. The usual study location of your course must be in the UK.

5. You must have a bank account into which a BACS payment can be made.

6. You must have completed the application form honestly and declared any reasons you may not be eligible for the award.  Fraudulent claims may lead to disciplinary action and/or the refunding to the College by the applicant of any monies awarded from the Hardship Fund.

7. If the Hardship Fund is exhausted, no further application will be processed or granted any fund beyond that point.

8. You may not be considered again if you were awarded hardship funding in an earlier distribution.

9. The decision of the ICON College Hardship Fund Panel will be final and no correspondence will be entered into with a student once a decision has been made as to the eligibility of each student’s claim.

10. All decisions regarding the award (or not) of a Hardship Fund grant will be communicated to each applicant by email.

Where do I send the form?

Once you have completed the application form and gathered your supporting evidence, you should email with the form and evidence as attachments. One of our team will check this, and let you know if there is anything else we need.

Please ensure that supporting information is in English wherever possible.

(When providing documents to the College by email, the most secure way is to collate all your documents into either a PDF document or a Word document

How will payment be made?

If you are granted an award, we will make payment directly into your bank account. This means that you must ensure that your bank account details are up-to-date.

Is there anything else I need to know?

At certain times of the year, the office is very busy and your application may take longer than stated above. You can help by planning ahead, filling in your application form legibly and accurately and providing us with all the information we request.

If successful you will receive payment on or before 30th July 2021. Possible funding will range between £300- and £1000-pounds sterling.

There is no absolute guarantee that you will qualify for hardship funds, as resources are limited.

Applications close on Saturday 05 June 2021 at 5pm .

You must submit all required evidence by this date.

Once you have submitted an Application Form and provided all the necessary evidence an assessment and decision are expected to be made by 30 July 2021. If your application is successful, you should also receive a payment by this time.

Download Form in MS Word

Download Hardship Fund Application Form