Current COVID-19 Rules for September 2021

Expectations of Students, Tutors and Lecturers, and ICON College administrative and other general staff, to help maintain a COVID-19 secure environment (September 2021)

Although most legal restrictions are being lifted, and many people have been fully vaccinated, it is still possible to catch and spread COVID-19, even if you are fully vaccinated.  COVID-19 is likely to be a feature of our lives for the foreseeable future, so we need to learn to live with it and manage the risk to ourselves and others.  All of us must use our common sense.  No situation is risk-free and there are actions we can take to protect ourselves and others around us.  The College has undertaken a health risk assessment and has put in place measures to help us all stay safe.  Here is a summary of the College’s expectations of us all when we are on College premises.

Students in College Premises

  • We highly recommend that you take a minimum one vaccination before attending classes.
  • A LFT (lateral flow test) test to be taken once a week for the day group students before the class, for example: If you have class on Monday & Tuesday, have the test on Sunday, and for the evening groups twice a week for example: Monday and Thursday.  
  • Students should download the NHS app and show the pass when asked by a lecturer or a designated member of staff.
  • If symptomatic, take a PCR test and notify the College with the result at
  • Students are required to sign in a LFT test Register in the class.
  • Students must have their College ID cards with them at all times when on the College premises.
  • Sanitizer must be used. Sanitizers are provided at different locations around College premises.
  • Students are advised to avoid group gatherings in communal areas, including corridors and the canteen.
  • The clearly marked ‘one-way’ system should be followed.

Students in Classroom

  • Masks are required (unless exempted for medical or other justifiable reasons) to be used in classrooms and communal areas at all times.
  • Antibacterial wipes can be used before using your stationery if necessary.
  • Sanitize hands after using the fingerprint sign-in system.
  • Although the College will ensure regular cleaning and sanitizing of classrooms, students are advised to use sanitizer and/or cleaning wipes before using their station.


We advised all students time and again to have COVID 19 Vaccination before coming for face-to-face classes. Hope you are following the advice and got vaccinated.


If you are vaccinated, you should do LFT test regularly (twice a week) before attending classes. If you are tested positive, you should isolate and also do PCR test to be confirmed.


If someone in the class is tested positive, he/she should isolate, rest of you should do LFT test immediately. If negative then continue attending classes. However, if tested positive, then you should isolate and also do PCR test to be confirmed whether to attend classes or not.


In case of COVID 19 positive, please send your PCR Test Result to  for College record and authorised absence.




  • The College will ensure that all necessary cleaning precautions are in place and being followed (all classrooms sanitized twice a day).
  • All classrooms should have a mask box, antibacterial wipes and sanitizer bottle.
  • Classrooms, Toilets, Canteen and Communal Areas will be cleaned at regular intervals.
  • The College will ensure there is appropriate ventilation throughout the building.
  • The College has digital thermometers placed around the premises.
  • Cleaning staff to be available throughout the day and evening.
  • Staff will be around to direct students and respond to any queries.


  • Commence classes on time.
  • Download the NHS app and have their Covid-19 Certificate.
  • Take LFT test twice a week (e.g., Tuesday and Thursday).
  • Wear facemask/shield during classes or teach behind Perspex screen.
  • Required to sign in a LFT test Register in the class.
  • Brief the students about the Covid safe ICON College procedures.


Visitors to the College should report to the main Reception Desk where appropriate protocol information will be provided. Depending on the nature and purpose of the visit and, where appropriate, face masks and sanitizer will be provided for visitors to use when on College premises.

In order to maintain as safe an environment as practicable, all ICON students, lecturers, staff and visitors to the College need to work together to achieve this objective. Thank you for your support.

General College Staff (administrative, catering and cleaning):

All staff who work on a daily basis in the College should comply with the general COVID-19 protocols indicated above such as: wearing masks, not congregating in small rooms or corridors, making sure there is adequate ventilation in their work area, using sanitizer and washing hands frequently, especially after using the bathroom/toilet and if after touching numerous surfaces and before and after breaks and lunch.


  1.  You can obtain a lateral flow test (LFT) from your local chemist/pharmacy. You can also order them from the NHS online and have them delivered to your home at
  1. Everyone should also refer to the various sections of the ICON College website where further details and appropriate central government links are provided to obtain any additional information that may be required.  This general link may also be useful at
  1. All staff and students should also see the notes and information on the College website under the sections ‘COVID-19 Information’ and ‘Message from the Principal’.  Both links can be found on the main/home page of the website at

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