These are the notifications and advice received from central government (the Department for Education [DfE]) and the local Tower Hamlets Director of Public Health:


1. Everyone, unless medically exempted, should consider proceeding to Covid vaccination and where those people who have received two shots, they should present themselves for the ‘booster’ jab as soon as it is possible for them to do so.  This protects yourself and those around you!


2. The DfE January 2022 memorandum to all higher education providers states:

Providers should continue to deliver face-to-face teaching and staff can continue to attend work as necessary to deliver this (page 4).  We expect education settings to remain open for face-to-face teaching.. .  Teaching and learning should not be moved online as a result of the work from home guidance… . (page 6).  HE providers should support  NHS Test and Trace and ensure that students, staff and other visitors know how the contact tracing process works. (page 7).


…..face coverings should be worn (unless exempted) by students, staff and adult visitors ….and they should be worn in teaching settings … (page 8).



Local picture:  Numbers of COVID-19 cases in Tower Hamlets remain high.  80 per cent of those seriously ill with COVID-19 are not fully vaccinated.  From Monday 17 January, if you have COVID-19 you can end your self-isolation after 5 FULL DAYS as long as you test negative on day 5 and 6.


One of the main reasons why these (Covid) levels are not having the same impact on health as they did a year ago is because so many people are now vaccinated.  If you have not done so already, please do arrange to get the next vaccination you are due for.



Alan M Jones

Vice-Principal (External Affairs) and Chair C19AAG

C19AAG (Covid-19 Advisory and Action Group)

ICON College of Technology and Management

17 January, 2022