COVID-19 Protocol


As the College prepares to welcome both staff and students back to campus following the Prime Minister’s announcement that the ‘roadmap’ continues to develop and restrictions eased, and that students may return to face-to-face teaching from 17 May where this is appropriate, certain protocols need to be put in place and be adhered to by staff and students.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to attend sessions or access support and resources on campus where this is appropriate.


There is a need for everyone (staff and students) to avail themselves of getting tested at least twice every week-this is a central Government instruction.  There is also an urgent need for everyone to receive a vaccination (jabs) unless there are medical or other reasons why they may not do so.  THE GOVERNMENT HAS NOW INDICATED THAT EVERYONE AGED 30 (AND ABOVE) MAY BOOK A VACCINATION (online via the NHS website or via their GP) AND THE COLLEGE URGES STAFF AND STUDENTS TO DO SO IF YOU HAVE YET TO PRESENT YOUYRSELF FOR VACCINATION (A JAB).

The College is located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and we recognize that a significant number of students and staff live outside the borough.  This being so, you should make arrangements in your own area to have tests/vaccinations.

Borough of Tower Hamlets

It is important for the College to inform you that the Borough of Tower Hamlets itself has one of the lowest COVID-19 testing rates in London.  Like most other boroughs/areas, testing kits can be collected from across the borough.  It is crucial that you undertake testing, even if you have had the vaccine injection(s).  See:

With lockdown restrictions having been eased, and with a further easing of them forecast for 21 June, more people will be coming into contact with one another meaning it is important that everyone takes regular testing-whether or not they have had a vaccination and whether or not they are showing symptoms.  However, social distancing rules currently in place will remain in force when staff and students are on College premises.  This will also include the need to wear a face mask

One in three people with COVID-19 do not have symptoms so can pass the virus on without knowing they have done so.

Walk-in testing sites are available in most areas and you should look at the local borough council website for the particular area in which you live to find out how and where tests can be taken and/or from where you can collect a testing kit.  For the Borough of Tower Hamlets the walk-in test site centres are listed on their website (see website address above).  There is also a helpline: 020  7364 3030.

Staff and students should read the College arrangement details posted on the special COVID-19 testing link on the College website.

Where possible, staff and students should sign up to the NHS website which will enable them to indicate when and where they have taken a COVID-19 test.  This information can then be automatically sent to the College.


As previously indicated, you will need to be able to show that you have had a recent test and sign in to indicate you are on the premises and sign out when you leave.  Staff and students must not congregate in groups before or after classes. Staff and students must follow all the direction signs once they are in the building.  Please note that unless there is a health reason for you not to do so a face mask must be worn at all times, including classroom sessions.


There will be a class attendance register taken for each and every face-to-face classroom session.  The attendance register sheet will require you to indicate your presence and you will need to sign the sheet and indicate the day/date you took a COVID-19 test that indicated a ‘negative’ result.  You will be required to take a lateral flow test twice each week either at a test centre or using an at-home test kit.  The member of staff teaching you will also sign the register form indicating that s/he has also taken a test (date to be indicated) that has shown a ‘negative’ result.


  For social distancing reasons and to maintain as secure an environment as possible, the room will remain closed until further notice.


The use of books (borrowing) has been organized so that borrowing and returning of books can be done online.  When visiting the library, staff will indicate how, and where, to pick up books and return them.  Admission to the library will be limited to a specific number if people at any one time. Visits to the library are ‘by appointment only’.



The College canteen will be open and will serve food and drinks.  Admission will be limited and staff and students will be advised by the canteen staff as to when they can enter the facility.  Social distancing (preferably two metres) should be observed at all times and once finished with their food staff/students should put their own waste food/plates and so forth in the rubbish bins provided.



The computer room will  be used for Computing classes only.  Appropriate social distancing and preventative measures will be in place. Staff and students should read the notifications about returning to College on the special COVID-19 link on the College website.